4 individual homes sit on graceful terraces for friends to share in Oakland, California


Project Update. September 2018. The plans detailed here have been approved by the planning department of Oakland. We are accepting purchase offers for the land and plans together by anyone that wants to personalize and build their own homes but skip the hardest part of the process. Please get in touch if you are interested.


Exterior stairs and interior garden terraces serve as open community areas for play, gardening and dining. 


Removing garages makes room for ground floor living rooms, large open spaces and common areas.   

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Gently sloped elevation provide views for all units, and the creative orientation gives individuality to each building 


Each home has it's own parking space that can be used for open space or re-purposed in a future without personal vehicles. 


The Purple House 


The purple house is a large single family home with 3 beds, 3 baths and 1800 square feet. Three stories of living, pull up driveway and private backyard.  

The Orange House


The Orange house is a 3 story family unit living space with a generous living area and large yard. It opens up to the common terrace. 

The  Green House 

The Green home is very flexible for a family, room-mates or even multi generational in-law scenarios. Multiple entrances and 2 living areas.   

The Blue House 


The Blue house is a single family home with 2 bedroom, 3 bath and 1700 square feet over 2 levels. A garage and street level stairs provide direct access.  


The homes are held by terraces that connect backyards and open spaces so kids can be free to roam and play 



"Many of us want to live in community with friends while maintaining individual spaces. Coolidge Commons will combine social and private domains gracefully."


Located in the Dimond District of Oakland.  5 minutes from I-580 and two organic grocery stores

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"We have done the hard work of purchasing land, and getting these plans approved by the planning department which will allow 4 homes to be built together in a community arrangement on individual lots.